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Mounting of electronic circuits

About us



Our goal is to offer high quality service and customer satisfaction. This is achieved through our highly qualified professional team of friendly technicians whose main objective is to satisfy your needs.



Let our professionals work for your comfort!

Mounting of electronic circuits

High quality services



Our certified technicians use the most modern equipment and tools for building electronic circuits.




SMT and THT Processes and Lead Free Soldering



The primary objective by which the MACELCA management is governed is to implement a work policy that guides us towards quality at all levels. We have an acquired commitment, focused on the Prevention of Environmental pollution, to achieve this, the company's own staff is aware of this quality and Environment policy and is fully involved in the continuous process of applying the Environmental quality system. The rules by which we are guided to achieve our objectives are: Establish control indexes and periodically observe them to see where we are at all times. Communication and information must be fluid at all times and have established channels. All the departments of the company: administration, technical office, commercial, purchases, warehouse, workshops aim at Continuous Improvement within Sustainable Consumption.

We stand by the same principles on which our company was founded more than 30 years ago: providing superior services to our clients, putting safety first, creating opportunities for our people.

SMT and THT processes

Dosing by screen printing.

Automatic assembly of SMD components.

Refusion by convection.

Wave soldering.

Preformed components.

Assembly of conventional components.

Wave soldering.

Equipment assembly.




Functional testing.


Lead free solder

Macelca Electrónica has the appropriate equipment for conducting lead-free soldering in accordance with Rohs regulations. This technology can be used both in reflow processes and in wave soldering and manual soldering.


Technical means

SMD automated line:

SP-700 silkscreen.

Pick & place MY9.

Dektec 745 oven.

Loader and Unloader.

SAKI BF 18D inspection machine.

SIEMENS HS-180 pick and place machine.

PHILIPS CSM-84 pick and place machine.

HELLER 942-C convection reflow oven.

Temperature tracer system.

DEK-247 screen printing machine.

ASYMTEC glue dispensing machine.

Preforming machines for axial and radial components.

ERSA wave soldering machine.

Novastar wave soldering machine.

Various instrumentation (oscilloscopes, multimeters, thermometers, etc.)




Professional team


All of our expert and specialized service technicians are highly trained and qualified to meet your needs.

Customized services

SMD component assemblies.


Assemblies of conventional components.


Mixed plates (SMD + CONVENTIONAL).




Assembly and machining.


Complete assembly of equipment, including packaging.


Purchase management and logistics, if required.


Automated optical inspection through SAKI machine.


Test and metrology test.


Advice on electronic engineering and design.


MACELCA ELECTRÓNICA S.C.A. It has modern facilities, qualified technical staff, the necessary technical means and the Quality and Environment controls appropriate to each application to be able to carry out its activity effectively. The team of professionals that make up MACELCA ELECTRÓNICA has extensive and proven experience in the field of electronics, which allows it to confront its work seriously and consistently in solutions and delivery times.

About us?

MACELCA Electronics S.C.A. Since 1988 and due to the lack of specialized industries in the production of electronic circuits in the area, the fundamental objective is to offer this service to all companies in the sector.


For this, we have modern facilities with 800 square meters of services, qualified technical staff, necessary technical means and Quality and Environmental controls appropriate to each application.




What do we do?


The activity that we carry out is basically focused on the subcontracting of electronic circuit assemblies based on the needs of our clients. For this we use the most advanced technologies.



The purchasing, production and manufacturing departments allow the assembly and supply of small and large series with the completion agreed with the client.



Achieve excellent quality in the products manufactured, continuously improving our processes and the means used for such purposes.


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